Liliane Caumont
Liliane Caumont FRANCE

Professional Career

Born in 1947. Studied in literature and philosophy, I first discovered clay modelling in Madrid in 1972 with the painter-sculptor Julio Antonio Ortiz. This was the beginning of a passion that led me to open my first workshop in 1976. I have worked 30 years in ceramics in Madrid, exhibiting in many cities in Spain and other countries.
Upon my return to France in 2000 I moved on to bronze but fired sandstone remains the basic material of my work.

Artistic approach

Contrary to many artists, I have moved from abstraction to figuration during the last twenty years. My works are narratives where I put my characters on stage.
I tell myself as a woman, in her desires, her frustrations, her position facing the « other » and in the world. I have created pieces for public spaces in Spain and France (Lucy Aubrac in Montmorency, « Le Regard dans l'Eau » in Brittany) and my great desire is to be able to make sculpture part of the urban landscape so as to make it a day experience for all.

Recent exhibitions

Art Capital - AEAF PARIS - Salon de Mennecy - Invitée d’honneur à Cormeille en Parisis - Invitée d’honneur à Vendôme.
J’ai réalisé de nombreuses expositions en Espagne ( Madrid, Barcelonne, Grenade, Valence, Bilbao etc... ) ainsi qu’à l’étranger ( Zurich, Genève, Montreux, Bruxelles, Liège, Frankfurt, Milan ).
Depuis mon retour en France j’expose dans de nombreux salons, où je suis invitée d’honneur et dans les salons parisiens ( Artistes Français au Grand Palais, Salon d’Automne ).
J’ai obtenu de nombreux prix dont la médaille de bronze au Grand Palais.