Liliane Caumont
Liliane Caumont FRANCE

Professional Career

After studies in Literature and Philosophy, she began clay-modeling in Madrid in 1972 with the painter and sculptor Julio Antonio Ortiz.
From then on, she never stopped working with clay, opening her first studio in Madrid in 1977, which became a space for creation and learning.
There she developed her knowledge of the chemistry of enamels and obtained numerous awards.
She looked for new materials and began to work in resin and bronze, enabling her to create works for public spaces.
Since her return to France, she has used bronze as her final material, even if the starting point continues to be clay.

Artistic approach

I am deeply humanist and what has driven me for almost fifty years is the expression of feelings through my work. Women have been at the heart of my inspiration. Each stage of life means a new learning process and this one implies knowing how to translate the multiple facets of the female soul from tenderness, solitude, passion, strength and her position in the world today.
I have also worked for companies in Spain in the creation of murals and made many trophies for women's and medical associations.
At the moment, my greatest wish is to create monumental pieces for gardens and public spaces by mixing iron, bronze and glass.

Recent exhibitions

- 2021 - Carré des Coignard - NOGENT-SUR-MARNE
- 2022 - ART EN CAPITAL Salon des Artistes Français Grand-Palais PARIS
- 2022 - Salon AEAF PARIS
- 2022 - Salle Mably BORDEAUX
- 2022 - Usine à Zabu EVREUX
- 2022 - Salon de TAVERNY
- 2022 - Galerie THY THAN ST-PRIX