Jean-Jacques Chabeaudie
Jean-Jacques Chabeaudie FRANCE

Professional Career

Trained in Decorative Arts. Participation in numerous national and international events. I decided several years ago to target the Fantastic and Visionary Art exhibititionfor for my work to be more committed in this direction.

Artistic approach

"Since its origins on the walls of caves, Art has always been a revelation of the conscience and history of men. It has endeavored to serve as a cement, a guide for the different peoples that make up humanity".
This preamble serves as a philosophical basis for J.J. CHABEAUDIE’s approach. His work, voluntarily theatrical and provocative, is oriented towards a critical vision of the evolution of our societies and encourages reflection. He is aware of the emotional impact that his painting can provoke and of the uneasiness that can result from it; but, he explains, some people have to "sacrifice" themselves facing the mercantile and ostentatious drifts, very often without any cultural content and submitted to the marketing laws of a great part of the contemporary art.
J.J. CHABEAUDIE does not wish to be simply assimilated to a style even if he willingly adheres to the school of fantastic and visionary realism. He is a committed artist who makes his own this maxim: "To resist is a verb that must always be conjugated in the present tense".

Recent exhibitions

• 2017 - Salon ART CAPITAL - Grand Palais - PARIS.
• 2016 - SAFADORE - Salon d’Art Fantastique Européen - MONT-DORE.
• 2016 - Salon METAMORPHOZ - Biennale d’Amiens - AMIENS.
• 2016 - C.A.P.A - Salon International de Haute Loire - Prix de la Ville du PUY.
• 2016 - CHIMERIA - Festival des Arts Visionnaires - SEDAN.