Dan Jacobson
Dan Jacobson FRANCE

Professional Career

Graduated at the Ecole Supérieure d'Arts Graphiques Estienne in Paris, I dedicate myself to image design: Artistic Director in the world of communication will allow me to go further and further in creativity from a blank sheet of paper. At the same time, I work on the evolution of my painting. Registered at the Maison des Artistes in Paris since 1976.

Artistic approach

DAN JACOBSON AND MAXIREALISM - When the possible becomes real.
It is an imaginary realist movement, a shift in relation to present, past or future time between two worlds that come together, creating a plausible virtuality. Physically everything is possible, concretely the dream prevails over reality. Maxirealism moves away from photographic realism, it is not static but scenic, intimate or humorous.
Dan Jacobson created this movement at the Salon Comparaisons (Grand Palais in Paris) in 1995.

Recent exhibitions

2024 - Exposition « Imagine les Jeux Olympiques à Paris »
Galerie d’Arts du Vexin à Vigny (Val d’Oise)
2023 - Chef de file des MAXIREALISTES
2022 - Invité d’honneur « Ville d’art de Senlis »
- « Evolution 60 ans de Peinture »
Dans son village de MONTSOULT (Val d’Oise)
2019/2020 - Musée Louis Senlecq – L’Isle Adam « IMAGINE LE VAL D’OISE »
4000 visiteurs - 40 commandes officielles par les villes.
2019 - Exposition « Imagine la Mer et la Montagne » (parution de son 4è livre)
Galerie d’Arts du Vexin à Vigny (Val d’Oise)