Dany Mellinger
Dany Mellinger FRANCE

Professional Career

Self taught painter, sculptor. Parallel to a career in industry, he developed a keen interest in materials and techniques of their applications.
In the 1980's he dedicated himself exclusively to artistic expression, essentially through the creation and realization of numerous murals, fountains and monumental sculptures.

Artistic approach

His urban creations are created through symbolism giving to see and understand the fundamental humanistic values. His real challenge as an artist is to satisfy requests through the use of various materials and to respond to an unconscious need of the public. He also devotes himself to the creation of sculptures and paintings of more intimate expression, those are constrained only by limits of feelings, those that reflect the need to express and share sensations. His work is defined in a dynamic, a movement and a palette that suggest the overcoming of the existing world .

Recent exhibitions

• 2016 - Exposition à Rheinhausen ALLEMAGNE et à Tokyo JAPON.
• 2015 - Création de l’ Arbre de la Communauté - CC Rives de Moselle.
• 2015 - “ Tigres dans la ville “ - METZ.
• 2014 - Galerie Aïda - STRASBOURG.
• 2013 - L’ Héritage - sculpture-fontaine - HAGONDANGE.
• Depuis 2000, expositions et réalisations en France et à l’étranger. Luxembourg - Belgique - Allemagne - Taïwan - Thaïlande - Japon.