Marc Platevoet
Marc Platevoet FRANCE

Professional Career

Marc Platevoet was born in Lille in 1958. He lives and works in Saint-Amant-de-Boixe (Charente).
His work appeals to all those who are curious about shape and matter. Amateur of arts and crafts such as leather work, bookbinding and cabinet making. Since his arrival in the Charente region in 1989he has been sculpting in stone, clay and bronze.
Professionally, he presents sculptures in wood and bronze in galeries and also in French and international exhibitions.

Artistic approach

He takes us into a world of his own which is built around dreams and invention.
This universe is populated by strange beings engaged in surrealist activities. « Realism is not the watchword, though dreaming is and always with a touch of mischief », he says, « because humour is never absent from my work ».
Giving life to all kinds of objects. Musical instruments become characters, strange animals who invite us to enter a phantasmagorical round.
Leaving everyday life behind to enter a world of dreams, wonder and fantasy.

Recent exhibitions

• 2014 - “ Artistes pour l’espoir ” - CHANTONNAY.
• 2014 - 25e Biennale de l’imaginaire et du fantastique - SAINT-LEONARD-DE-NOBLAT.
• 2014 - Exposition avec le Groupe Pair - HOCHSTADT
• 2014 - Exposition avec Catherine Alexandre - Office de Tourisme - AUBETERRE.
• 2014 - Salon des Artistes Lorrains - Site Alstom - NANCY