Jean-Noël Riou
Jean-Noël Riou FRANCE

Professional Career

At a very young age, his painting was inspired by the great masters such as Renoir, Monet and other impressionists. It was during an exhibition at Beaubourg that he discovered the works of Salvador Dali with fascination. From then on it was a revelation "the magic of a Master's painting seen through the eyes of a child". Awestruck, he took up his brushes and never stopped painting.

Artistic approach

"A flight from reality through the power of detail and the dreamlike magic of the atmosphere. "
His goal being to make people dream, it is important for him to have an excellent technique to express his need to share. Therefore, his priority is to achieve perfect mastery of it in order to ignore it during its execution. He is then inebriated by all the possibilities that open up to him to take those thirsting for images on a voyage. Will I succeed? It is the work of a lifetime...

Recent exhibitions

• 2015 à 2022 Salon Comparaison - ART CAPITAL - Grand Palais - PARIS.
• 2014 - Salon des Artistes Français - Grand Palais - PARIS.
• 2012 - 14ème Biennale du Cercle Saint-Leonard de Noblat.
• 2011 - La Færie - 5ème Biennale des Arts de l’Imaginaire - ARLON.
• 2006 - 11ème Biennale du Cercle Saint-Leonard de Noblat.
• 1990 - 10ème Salon Regard sur les Arts - LAMBALE.