Thierry Van Quickenborne
Thierry Van Quickenborne FRANCE

Professional Career

He is renowned as a painter of Imagination beyond the borders. A member of the Taylor Foundation, he has, since 1980, received numerous awards, exhibited in galleries in the USA, Belgium, Germany and participated in numerous exhibitions (Grand Palais - Paris, United Arab Emirates). He appears in many private collections, in the Orly airport museum (France), in art books "Apocalypses", "The Horse in Fantasy Painting".
« Such art, served by skillful craft, by an intelligence both cruel and tender, will not leave indifferent the lovers of a top-of-the-range imaginary painting ». The Echo-Brussels

Artistic approach

Reflection of our own existence, each object carries in it an enigmatic fragment. With age, it becomes historical testimony, which only partially lifts the veil on the enigma. The juxtaposition of ancient and modern elements means that the space of the canvas is also time. Background and form are in constant interaction. The architecture is formal and symbolical. Realism « is a way like any other to make the viewer enter the canvas while leaving him some ways out ».

Recent exhibitions

• 2017 - Salon de l’Art Fantastique - Safadore - MONT-DORE - Auvergne.
• 2017 - Exposition personnelle - Galerie JPHT - PARIS.
• 2016 - Tokyo Kotsukaikan 2F Gallery - TOKYO.
• 2016 - Biennale de Conches - Haute Normandie.
• 2016 - 1ère Biennale Européenne d’Art Fantastique et Visionnaire Rheinhausen en Brisgau - Allemagne.