Pavlina Boroshova
Pavlina Boroshova SUISSE

Professional Career

Pavlina Boroshova Semadeni, of Slovakian origin on her father's side and German on her mother's, has been working for more than thirty years in the tradition of three great visionary artists: Hans Ruedi GIGER, Ernst FUCHS, Gérard Di MACCIO.

After living and studying in Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hawaii and France, she settled in Switzerland, first in Lausanne in 1998 and then in Montreux in 2006 as a visionary artist.

Artistic approach

Artistic expression linked to the universal approach is particularly dear to her heart. She is the founder and president of the International Association "Art Visionnaire-Montreux".

Like most visionary artists, Pavlina has at heart to transmit her art to the next generations, which she intends to do thanks to her new association, the aim of which is to open a school capable of training young talents likely to master particularly advanced techniques in the service of a personal style expressing an openness to spirituality and an aspiration toward the sacred.

Recent exhibitions

2018 Musée Naïa, Rochefort-en-Terre, France
Mazot-Musée, Plan-Cerisier, Suisse
Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris

2017 Art Visionnaire international, salon d'art MAG, Montreux, Suisse
Society for Art of Imagination, The Worship Company of Bakers, Londres
Dreams & Divinities, Atanquez, César, Colombie

Plus de 90 expositions aux Etats-Unis, Europe et Asie. Lauréate de plusieurs prix internationaux.

Présidente de l'Association internationale d'Art Visionnaire Montreux-AVM, Suisse.