Eric Chambon
Eric Chambon FRANCE

Professional Career

Costume designer, singer, actor, painter for 35 years.
I have been devoting myself to sculpture totally for the last 8 years. A revelation for me.
I exhibit regularly and have obtained many awards including the Vermeille Medal at the ARTS SCIENCES et LETTRES de PARIS, the GRAND PRIX du Jury de BARBIZON (Académie BOITIAT).

Artistic approach

Eric Chambon is a storyteller: with clay, sandstone or bronze, he tells us about ancient myths, stories and ancestral popular traditions of his country of origin, Catalonia.
Man-animal or Animal-human, either, where anatomical strength borders on inner fragility, mystery and questions about after-life, the mythological character of Death, the simplicity of nudity, are the main themes which fascinate and nourish his sculptural work.

Recent exhibitions

Salon Art-Fusion Perpignan palais des congrès février 2019
ART-SCIENCES ET LETTRES galerie Thuillier décembre 2018
Exposition personnelle galerie Mary-Ann novembre 2018