Jean-Marie Gasteuil
Jean-Marie Gasteuil FRANCE

Professional Career

Self-taught painter. Dedicated himself exclusively to painting since 1977. Registered at the Maison des Artistes in 1980. Collaboration of 20 years with the galleries Lorelei (Luxembourg), Nunki
(Paris) and Schèmes (Lille). Numerous exhibitions in France and abroad. Participation in
a great number of Salons, in particular Saint-Léonard de Noblat, Safadore, Chiméria, des
Independents and Comparisons.
Member of the Taylor Foundation. ICAC quotation (index of quotation of certified artists)
Main technique: oil on canvas.
His wife will now be taking care of the distribution of the artist's works.

Artistic approach

"I have always considered that there were two necessary components to the development of a work : first of all, inspiration or vision and then, just as essential, technique or skill and knowledge of the craft, therefore what is innate and acquired . It is thus with total freedom that I paint without worrying about fashions and trends. As far as I am concerned, so-called Visionary Painting is an alternative painting and if we are not part of what is called Contemporary Art, so much the better, because to be timeless is to be free, and it is in the margin that one always finds the future of art ".

Recent exhibitions

Galeries du Pharos : Marseille ,Saint Remy, Avignon, Megève
Galerie Schèmes : Lille
Galerie Crid’art : Metz
Château Saint Max : Nancy
Palais des papes : Avignon
Saint Léonard de Noblat
Chiméria :Château fort Sedan
Salons : Saint Léonard De Noblat, Safadore Mont Dore, Chiméria Sedan, Comparaisons Paris