Andrée Bars
Andrée Bars FRANCE

Professional Career

After four years of study with the painter Ted Seth Jacobs, I understood the work of light on the form, as the Ancients analyzed it. Thanks to the painter Claude Yvel, I learned to know the products and pigments of the past. I paint in the vein of trompe l'oeil and hyperrealism.

Artistic approach

The technique I use is very traditional: I paint in oils, I grind my pigments, and I use mediums of my own making. I start from a very precise charcoal drawing, then applying successive layers of paint, linked to each other, and finishing with very transparent glazes.
Intimately linked to the world around me and heir to an ancient and perfect technique, I am constantly torn between the desire to describe the beauty of what surrounds us, and the will to express ideas, dreams, aspirations. I try to link the two: so I use a lot of poetry or allegories to sublimate what ever I represent.

Recent exhibitions

- 2020 - Exposition personnelle au Château de Boen sur Lignon
- 2019 - Exposition au Musée de la ville de Neuenstadt (Allemagne)
- 2017 - Expositions à Pont-de-Chéruy, à Lavalleix-les-Mines, à Neuenstadt.
- 2016 - Prix Safadore au MONT-DORE et Prix du Salon de VITTEL.
- 2015 - Médaille d’argent au Grand Palais - PARIS.
- 2013 - Exposition au Musée du Trompe-l’oeil - GENEVE.
- 2013 - Le Wagon de Dali au Grand Palais - PARIS.