François Joly
François Joly FRANCE

Professional Career

François Joly, self-taught, born in 1961, is a visionary painter. He has been a professional artist since 1991. His realistic-fantasy style leads us on symbolist, mystical, surrealist and fairy-tale paths. In 2003 he opened his studio-gallery in Evreux to the public. Present in many major exhibitions, private and public collections. Member of the Taylor Foundation.

Artistic approach

François Joly's visionary universe invites us to rediscover forgotten tales, lost legends, disappeared memories. It tells us about a timeless universe, beyond worlds, beyond the visible. In his paintings, the eye wanders and gets lost and one is quickly surprised to be inventing a story, so begins the journey... A game of perspectives between worlds, where reality and illusion intimately embrace each other. He reinvents and dreams landscapes, half-fantastic, half-familiar worlds, rich in details and symbols.

Recent exhibitions

Galerie Rollin ROUEN - Comparaisons Grand Palais PARIS
Centre culturel Léopold Sédar Senghor PORT EN BESSIN-HUPPAIN
Maison des Arts CONCHES EN OUCHE - Château de Grouch - OSNY
Salon des artistes fantastiques Européens MONT DORE
Centre culturel d’ambassade d’Ukraine PARIS
Centre culturel «L’Usine à Zabu » EURE
Chimeria - Salon fantastique International SEDAN