Benjamin Claudel
Benjamin Claudel FRANCE

Professional Career

After artistic studies in graphic design at the Olivier-de-Serres school in Paris and then in illustration at the Art-Déco school in Strasbourg, I joined a medieval show company as a musician, which contributed to nourish my imagination and my growing fascination for dreamlike atmospheres. After this passage of a few years I launched myself full time in the adventure of art.

Artistic approach

I work mainly in a graphic way: with pencil or pen. My inspiration is clearly from the old master engravers, but also from contemporary illustration.

I don't want the themes I approach to be clearly defined but rather to be an open staging of symbols and archetypes that refer to the collective unconscious, which the viewer must grasp and construct the narrative of the work himself, like a treasure hunt; even if, I myself, have my own version.

Recent exhibitions

Festival du film fantastique à Gerardmer
Salon international de Lunéville
Carousel du Louvre à Paris
Salon des Imaginales à Epinal
Salon Artexpo de New York
Salon Dessin et peinture à l'eau, Grand Palais, PARIS