Kasia Bulka Matlacz
Kasia Bulka Matlacz POLAND

Professional Career

Kasia Bulka Matlacz born in Warsaw, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, the Faculty of Sculpture in 1991. In 1999 she received a scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and Art of Poland.
An author of occasional awards for such companies as: AXA, AIG, Kraft Foods, Credit Suisse, Newsweek, Forbes, European Bridge League „Hall of Fame”.
Her works can be found in private collections and in galleries in: Germany, Austria, France, Netherlands, Great Britain, USA, Japan, Poland, Russia.
- First place and audience award at the Wielkopolska Salon 2012 Poland.
- Participation in the final exhibition of Summer Exhibition in Castle Gallery in Birmingham in association with INSIGHT Building Creative Talent.
- Received honorable mention in the third edition of the NanoArt competition for the sculpture „Nanoparticle”Galerie Roi Dore, Paris (August 2017)
- GRAND PRIX-Golden Medal at "Salon d'Automne - Coubron" - Paris for sculpture "A Dream about Venice" ( November 2013 )

Artistic approach

I use an ancient casting technique to create my sculptures. This technique is named „the lost wax”. My sculptures combine elements of surrealism, grotesque and fairy tales, drawing inspiration from artists such as Henry Moore and Salvador Dali.
I combine ordinary objects, whose mutual neighborhood creates magical weaves and metaphors, I present animals and people in unusual situations.
My sculptures are saturated with hidden meanings, secrets and subtexts.
These elements serve to show the complexity of the human condition, his ambitions, limitations, advantages and disadvantages.
I have a desire to awaken the imagination of the viewers and provide them with food for thought.
"The most important mission of man on Earth is to saturate everything with the spiritual element. - Salvador Dali (from the book The Journal of a Genius).
Every time I start working on a new sculpture, I have the curiosity of a child who can't wait to finish the experiment.
My sculptures are looking for sensitive viewers who want to contemplate the metaphysical world of imagination.

Recent exhibitions

2019 - „Magical Dreams V” Bator Art Gallery Szczyrk- Poland
2019 - Individual exhibition - Galerie Meisterstuck Nuremberg- Germany
2017 - Expositions des finalistes „NanoArt „ - Galerie Roi Dore - Paris -France
honorable mention for sculpture „Nanoparticle”
2017 - Individual exhibition - Dom Galerie Wiener Neustadt - Austria
2016 - „SUMMER EXHIBITION” 2016 Castle Gallery -Birmingham - UK
Post-competition exhibition.
2015 - „Christmas Exhibition” Blackheath Gallery - London - UK
2015 - „Polish Contemporary Art”
Embassy of the Republic of Poland - Helsinki - Finland
2014 - ”Petits formats” - Art’et Miss Gallery - Paris - France
2013 - „Salon d'Automne - Coubron" - Paris - France
GRAND PRIX - Golden Medal - for sculpture "Dreaming a Dream of Venice"
2013 - „10-eme Rencontre d’Automne Grandes Signatures”- Landser - France