Jarosław Jaśnikowski
Jarosław Jaśnikowski POLAND

Professional Career

I painted my first oil painting in 1991. At the beginning of my work science fiction art was dominant. In 1998 I met Wojtek Siudmak at an exhibition, who inspired me with fantastic realism. In the same year I started my studies at the School of Fine Arts in Głogów, which I finished in 2001 with a diploma in painting.

Artistic approach

The limitless world of imagination has always been my greatest inspiration. In my painting, surrealism is combined with fantasy, elements of gothic and steampunk appear. Childhood dreams are still alive in me and that is why fabulous airplanes, huge steam locomotives, balloons and airships often appear in my paintings. Sometimes my paintings take on the character of an apocalypse, I often break the laws of physics, I mock gravity and change the properties of time and matter. It shows a small and fragile man, like a reed in the wind. However, the man in my paintings always knows how to adapt to the new reality. In my work I also willingly aspire to deeper inspirations related to history, philosophy and the search for God. I am looking for an answer to the question - what is Man's path? Will his goal be apocalypse and self-destruction? Or perhaps the triumph of the human spirit?
I despise modern postmodernism, reject anarchy and abstract kitsch. However, I appreciate the art of the old masters and the principles on which they founded beauty and harmony.

Recent exhibitions

2019 - SAFADORE 2019 – Mont Dore (Grand Prix)
2019 – „Magical Dreams V” - Szczyrk, Warszawa, Włocławek, Wolnzach
2021 – „Le cheval – dans tous ses etats” - La Gacilly
2021 – „Magical Dreams VI” - Szczyrk, Wiener Neustadt, Rzeszów, Włocławek, Warszawa, Wolnzach
2022 - „La Femme” - Muzeum im. Jacka Malczewskiego w Radomiu
2022 - „Le ravissement”- Galeria SZOK ART Poznań
2022 - „Machines à imaginer” - Muzeum Miedzi w Legnicy