Marcin Kołpanowicz
Marcin Kołpanowicz POLAND

Professional Career

Born in 1963 in Krakow. Graduated in the Academy of Fine Arts (Painting Faculty) in Krakow in 1987. The artist uses oil and pastel technique. His pictures merge unlimited imagination, metaphorical poetry and philosophical messages. His works are in private collections in Poland, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, France, USA and Australia. His pictures were featured in Polish TV series film "Settlement" and were reproduced on posters and numerous book and CD covers. He organized 30 one-man-shows (among others in Paris, New York, Cologne, Wuppertal, Linz, Krakow, Warsaw). He created numerous religious pictures, such as the "Way of the Cross" in Tenczynek (Poland), the beatification picture of Sister Marta Wiecka, Lvov (Ukraine), and the altar picture and fresco in John Paul 2 Center in Krakow. He participated in many group exhibitions of fantastic realism (Dante - The Divine Comedy, Safadore, Magical Dreams) and Art Capital Salon 2017 in Paris. Kolpanowicz publishes his texts on art in Polish quarterly Artysta i Sztuka.

Artistic approach

*Miss Robinson*
Sitting on your windowsill in the room of solitude
Castaway of love looking at the sea of clouds
From the hidden bay in the desert island
Of your life
And here’s to you Miss Robinson
A sudden sun ray hits your pale dress
That flutters on the wind like a white flag
Shadow breaks on the wall and floor
The farewell echoes in the empty room
And then a white sailing ship comes
Swinging on hazy clouds
Is it “Téméraire” or is it “Liberty”
Before you set off
You must give her a name
God bless you please Miss Robinson.

Recent exhibitions

1987 – Inny Swiat Gallery, Krakow (Poland)
1992 – Inter Art Gallery Reich, Cologne (Germany)
1996 – Inter Art Gallery Reich, Cologne (Germany)
– Wiesinger Galerie, Linz (Austria)
1997 – Poly Print Galerie, Wuppertal (Germany)
2000 – Decius Villa Gallery, Krakow (Poland)
2001 – Palace Vauxhall Gallery, Krzeszowice (Poland)
– Kunst und Kultur Center, Aschau (Germany)
2002 – Inter Art Galerie Reich, Cologne (Germany)
2014 – Tower of Art Gallery, Kielce (Poland)
– The Four Riders of Surrealism, 2nd Art Fair in Krakow (Poland)
2017 – “Fantastische Welten” De La Tour Gallery, Klagenfurt (Austria)