Miguel-Francisco Garcia-Diez
Miguel-Francisco Garcia-Diez FRANCE

Professional Career

At the age of 15, I studied art at the fine arts school in Pau and then in Toulouse.
During my life, I have been able to participate in various fairs, including the autumn fair in Paris, the Chimeria fair on several occasions, but also in several European countries.

Artistic approach

My work themes are quite eclectic and resolutely oriented towards the fantastic, the mystical and my deep love for fauna and flora. I am also attracted to Spanish and Italian Renaissance painting.
I like to highlight the complexity of the human soul: our fantasies, our desires, our desires, our cruelty?
To do this, I start my paintings with a base of dry pastels, then I start with oil paint until the end.

Recent exhibitions

2016 : Exposition à l’hôtel Negresco de Nice
2018 : Exposition ‘’Chimeria’’ à Sedan
Exposition Biennale du cercle St-Leonard à Saint Leonard de Noblat
Exposition à l’église musée du Val d’aran (Espagne)
2019 : Exposition à la Casa del pintor Huesca( Espagne)
A venir 
Janvier 2020 : Exposition au casino de Barbazan avec le groupe Artsymorias
Juin 2020 : Exposition à la mairie de Cazère sur Garonne.