Michel Barthélemy
Michel Barthélemy BELGIQUE

Professional Career

After studying Greco-Latin Humanities, I studied in Plastic Arts at the Newfoundland Institute in Brussels and trained in Positive Aesthetics. I taught Plastic Arts in high school. Since my retirement in 2003, I have devoted my life almost exclusively to painting and organizing the Faerie Biennial in Arlon.

Artistic approach

My painting may be situated in the current of the fantastic realism, with a symbolist orientation. Many paintings are "improvisations": the idea is built up during the work. It is oil painting that best serves the requirements of this style of expression.

Recent exhibitions

• BIFF - Palais des Beaux-Arts - BRUXELLES.
• Métamorphoz - AMIENS.
• Exposition Collectif PAIR - RHEINHAUSEN.
• Galerie Callas - BREMEN.
• Salon d’Automne - LUNEVILLE.
• Co-curateur du Salon Safadore avec Bruno Altmayer.
• Chiméria - SEDAN.
• Exposition Ancien Palais de Justice - ARLON.
• Regards sur les Arts - LAMBALLE.