Monica Fagan

Professional Career

Of Anglo-Irish origin, Monica Fagan came to France at the age of 18 to study at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Rennes.
Exhibitions and galleries in France and in Europe on Imaginary and Fantastic Painting.
President of " Barbizon : Painters of Today " 1987 to 1991
Museum of the Imaginary in the Castle of Ferrières - S. et M.
Creation of costumes and scenery for operas.

Artistic approach

Monica FAGAN's painting, impregnated with a fantastic and dreamlike surrealism, leaves its mark. The artist is in deep resonance with symbolist, pre-Raphaelite and surrealist painters for the richness of their imagination. She draws from the past the perfection of a solid pictorial technique that she puts to the service of a painting that is both contemporary and timeless, powerful, elegant and refined.

Her oil paintings are steeped in mystery and symbolism. The passing of time is one of her preoccupations: she creates fantastic fauna and flora that claim their place in the Cycle of Life - everything shows that Man never holds the key to power or to the future, Man is only passing, time is eternal... like the ivy that often invades her paintings, eternal symbol of the cycle of life.

The female figure is omnipresent whatever the subject. Carmen, Tosca, Elizabeth I of England and other heroines of several operas are represented in her series of "headless portraits" which are inspired by the exceptional destiny of each woman who gave her name to a musical work.... Real or fictitious, the course of their exceptional lives has deeply marked the artist's imagination.

Recent exhibitions

Expositions personnelles - tableaux et costumes d'Opéra :
2012-2014 : CHIMERIA-Biennale des Arts et des Sciences Visionnaires SEDAN.
2012-2014-2021 : Biennale de Peinture Contemporaine, St LEONARD de NOBLAT.
2012-2013-2015-2017-2020 : Les Héritiers de Dali (SAFADORE) LE MONT DORE,
ART CAPITAL Grand Palais PARIS, VIENNE (A) Phantasten Museum et KELHEIM (D)
2015-201- 2017-2018-2019-2021-2022 : Salon International de LUNÉVILLE.
2021-2022 Art’Pair International : LA GACILLY, VOUVANT, ÉVREUX.