Mariola Jaśko
Mariola Jaśko POLAND

Professional Career

Graduated from the Faculty of Painting of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. She received a diploma as a painter from Professor Adam Wsiołkowski. In 1995 she received the first prize "Promotions 94″ - Legnica". In 1998/99 she received a scholarship from the American Pollock-Krasner Foundation.

She has painted, combining abstraction and symbolism, and currently, following her search for a new path, she is leaning towards surrealism, but also with elements of symbolism. She has participated in many group exhibitions in Poland and abroad, including in Bonn, Budapest, Birmingham, Seoul.

Artistic approach

BLACK, what a word! Genre, style, stories, cinematic odyssey, characters, spiritual collapse, drama, crime mystery and emanation of truth. Can I enter the kingdom of Black armed only with a brush, oil paints and canvases? Can I use this traditional and noble painting technique to get closer to the heart of Noir? Can I tell stories on the flat surface of the canvas, where my heroes cannot be animated like on a movie screen, but are frozen in a noiseless space? I hope I can. In this journey, I am both restless and constructively confident in my search for the meaning of our culture and our reality, seduced by the elegance of this world of black and white illusion and metaphysical darkness. So there you have it, that's my fiction.

Recent exhibitions

Bator Gallery, Szczyrk 2015
Centre for the Promotion of Culture , Prague, Warsaw, 2016
Wolnzach, Germany 2016
Municipal Art Gallery, Wrocław, 2106
Fourth edition of Magical Dreams
Bator Gallery, Szczyrk, 2017
House of the Galleries, Wiener Neustadt, Austria, 2017
Centre for the Promotion of Culture, Prague, Warsaw, 2018
Altes Rathhaus, Wiechtach, Germany, 2108
Galleries Sudliches Friesland, Zetel, Germany, 2018
ART MEETING 2019, Tomaszowice
Collective exhibition of the new members of the Krakow ZPAP, Pryzmat Gallery, Krakow, 2019