Michaël Thomazo
Michaël Thomazo FRANCE

Professional Career

Painter & Sculptor, born in 1965. Michael Thomazo studied drawing at the School of Fine Arts in Lorient and Rennes. He worked as a special effects and make up designer for the cinema at "Animatronic. G".
For the past 15 years, he has devoted himself to sculpture, drawing and painting in his studio in Brittany, at the edge of the mythical Forest of Broceliande.
His work is exhibited in France and other countries.
Listed in the Drouot Dictionnary.

Artistic approach

Michael Thomazo's creation presents itself as a prism for reconciling opposites. Between Yesterday and Tomorrow, the artist proposes his vision of the world which both disturbs and captures the eye. The eye then penetrates a strange and uchronic universe where there is a permanent back and forth between figurative and fantastic.

The atmosphere thus created no longer allows us just to show or describe but to suggest. For Michaël Thomazo, Art is declined in everyday life which supposes to perceive the artist not as the spokesman of an unspecified Muse but as a curious worker serving strangeness and paradox.

Although both his paintings and his sculptures bear the mark of the classical training he acquired at the Beaux-Arts, we are invited to go beyond appearances because we have never been so far from a world, strangely enough, so close to ours.

Recent exhibitions

Exposition salon Comparaison : Art en capitale grand palais / paris / France.
Exposition : Biennale de Saint Léonard de Noblat / France.
Exposition permanente : Naïa muséum / Rochefort en terre / France.
Exposition : Allemagne.
Exposition galerie : Pologne.