Grégory Poussier
Grégory Poussier FRANCE

Professional Career

Initially trained as an engineer, I learnt sculpture in private workshops, then at the in Grenoble, Carrara and Rome. I've been sculpting for 22 years, but I really really launched my professional career as a sculptor in 2022. In 2023, my career opened up internationally with exhibitions in Greece, Italy, Spain, Belgium and Sweden, Spain, Belgium and Sweden.

Artistic approach

I've worked in clay, marble and now bronze. My sculptures are highly figurative and tell stories. My series, the Sublime Makers, are imaginary characters who shape nature to create wonder and encourage contemplation.

Recent exhibitions

Les Galeries qui me représentent :
Galerie Art Traffik – ANGLET
Galerie virtuelle Bronze Only – Galerie d’Art de Pontaillac – ROYAN – Galerie Saint
Galerie Art Magna – BRUXELLES - BELGIQUE
Mirena Art Gallery – MOUGINS & SAINT PAUL de VENCE
Talking Walls Art Gallery – RISHON LEZION - ISRAEL
Melefors Art Galleri – LINKÖPING – SUEDE
Quelques expositions prévues en 2024 :
Biennale de l’académie des Beaux Arts - Béziers (2024) - Invité de Prestige
Art Fairs Zurick , Barcelone, Paris (2024)
Afordable Art Fair - Galerie Art Magna - Bruxelles (2024)
Sm’art - Aix en Provence (2024)
AntikSommar - Galerie Melefors - Stokholm Suède (2024)
Salon des Artistes Français - Grand Palais - Paris (2024)
Lille Artup ! - Galerie Art Traffik - Lille (2024