Eric Vanel
Eric Vanel FRANCE

Professional Career

Eric Vanel's sculptures are made of bronze or resin. In his previous life, he was an engineer, which enabled him to quickly grasp the technical constraints associated with these materials. Trained by sculptors of international renown, Eric Vanel's work can be found in private collections, art galleries and the major French art fairs. He also sometimes works on commission.

Artistic approach

Eric Vanel seeks to touch the soul. His lively figurative sculptures, with their powerful, expressive attitudes, tell stories that provoke emotion by raising questions, and take us on a journey between real and fantastic worlds. The artist's favourite themes are the strength and intensity of the feminine, and the personification of the wild world. Her inspiration comes from ancient myths and the imaginary worlds of modern literature. Each sculpture is first modelled in clay, on a semi-flexible frame that leaves the formal research open. Through the choice of pose, gaze and the path of light, each character is imbued with an experience, an extra soul that gives it life. The mould is made from raw clay, to ensure a perfect transcription in bronze. The colours of the patina, the final touch of the work, fully contribute to its message. In front of the sculpture, the viewer witnesses a presence, a fragment of life imbued with mystery, that resonates with his own journey: the meeting of determination, sensitivity and daring.

Recent exhibitions

• Exposition à la galerie Vlask (Gand – Belgique)
• Exposition à la galerie Saint André (Mont Saint Aignan)
• Salon International de Peinture et de Sculpture de Vittel
• Salon des Artistes Français (Paris - Grand Palais Éphémère)
• Exposition « Corpus » à la galerie 3838 (Angers)
• Exposition « Art Collection » avec un collectif d’artistes (Beaune)
• Salon Terre et Flamme (Rennes – Chantepie)
• Grand Prix de Barbizon de l’Académie Boitiat (Barbizon)
• Face 2022 (Londres – Royaume Uni)
• Salon des Artistes Français (Paris - Grand Palais Éphémère)