Rolf Rohrbacher
Rolf Rohrbacher DEUTSCHLAND

Professional Career

Born in 1949. Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart with Professors Hrdlicka and Sonderborg. Graduated in art history and plastic arts in 1976. Until 2005, he worked as an art teacher. He has worked as a sculptor since 1985.

Artistic approach

Since the beginning of my sculptural work in stone, I have been opposed to figurative art. The symbolism of objects and in particular the expression of human morphology are central to my concerns. The representation of man in classical sculpture is always based on a vision of man. My sculptures express the psychological and emotional states of human life and existence.

Recent exhibitions

• Ausstellung in der Galerie CUBUS (Produzentengalerie) - RASTATT - BADENBADEN.
• « L’art c’est la terre natale » Gruppenausstellung - BÜHL - FRIEDRICHSBAU.
• « Terre natale » Gruppenausstellung - KUKU / Kunstspeicher - BÜHL.
• « International Art Belgium de Italiaanse Connectie » - DENDERMONDE - BELGIEN.
• Ausstellung mit der Gruppe PAIR - RHEINHAUSEN - HOCHSTADT - PFALZ.
• Kunstverein Solinger Künstler.