Bernard Fievre
Bernard Fievre FRANCE

Professional Career

Born in 1954 in Maine et Loire.
Lives and works in Tours.

Artistic approach

I have always been and still am influenced by the idea that a painting is nothing in itself if it is not carried by the idea, by the meaning that forced it into being.
The choice of monochromatism stems from this obligation to privilege meaning over form.
Saying as much as possible with as few means as possible is the challenge that has been posed and taken up over the years.
And so oil has always been the medium of choice for my 2 exclusive themes: landscapes, cityscapes and seascapes.... And of course the feminine, as the archetype of the human being.

Recent exhibitions

2023 oct . : Salon de Lunéville
2023 Août : Porte Maubec La Rochelle exposition personnelle
2023 juin : Hôtel de la Cité royale Loches
2023 février : Salon de la peinture à l’eau, Grand Palais éphémère, Paris
2021 oct . : Salon de Lunéville
2021 sept. : Salon Art Formes collégiale St André Chartres
2020 octobre : Salon Impressions d’art, Sautron-Nantes
2020 février : Salon des Artistes français, Grand Palais, Paris
2020 janvier : Salon Ile de France – 92 Bourg-la-Reine Prix du Département des Hauts de Seine
2019 avril-mai : galerie Urbania Québec Canada